Melbourne Commercial are specialist commercial real estate agents who are experienced at handling all type of commercial property sales campaigns. We are committed to achieving great results for our clients, and don’t shy away from hard work.

We pride ourselves on being a no-nonsense, results oriented commercial real estate agency. We believe in taking a cost-effective approach to selling commercial property, even if it means a little bit of extra effort from us. We won’t recommend a costly marketing campaign  unless we are confident that the benefits clearly outweigh the costs.

How do we secure the best commercial property sales results for our clients?

Melbourne Commercial don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to selling property. We consider each property on its merits, as well as the specific objectives of the vendors. We then tailor a sales campaign according to those objectives and keep you fully updated with the results as the campaign progresses.

Whilst the approach we take to selling your property can vary greatly, the initial process we follow to develop a sales strategy is generally follows the following process:

  1. We assess the physical characteristics of the property
  2. We investigate and assess the external factors that would influence the property value (e.g. planning and infrastructure changes)
  3. We assess current trends and comparable sales results within the given sub-market/s
  4. We diligently apply a solid valuation rationale to determine the property value to the broader market
  5. We consider which buyer profile are most likely to pay a premium for the property, and how we best reach those buyers
  6. Make a clear recommendation to our client, complete with our forecast results and timeframes.
  7. Execute the sales campaign, providing regular client updates.

Why should you engage us to sell your commercial property?

  • Your property will be handled by a specialist commercial property professional with over 15 years full time experience.
  • Our reputation matters to us, and we have a limited number of projects we can take on at any given time. Accordingly, we don’t take on appointments unless we can achieve what we say we can.
  • Each member of our agency team is also a highly experienced commercial property development professional. This makes us particularly adept at selling development sites and new projects off-the-plan.
  • We are able to negotiate effectively because we do our research, and use the information to your advantage.
  • We think outside the square, and go the extra mile to get the best results possible.
  • We frequently collaborate with other agents, property advisors, and broader network in order to get the best possible results (even if it means we have to share our fees).

If you’re looking to sell commercial real estate, contact Melbourne Commercial to discuss your needs, or register your requirement using the form on the right of this page.

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