Melbourne Commercial are specialist commercial real estate agents who can help you lease and/or sell your property in a cost efficient and professional manner.

As specialist commercial real estate agents with a strict focus on Melbourne’s Metropolitan real estate market, Melbourne Commercial is the team to speak to if you want a great result when leasing or selling your commercial property.

Whether you’re looking to sell or lease your property, we’ll start by conducting a thorough assessment of it’s value, including an analysis of:

  • recent market activity that is relevant to your property
  • the properties you’re competing against, and what prices/rent those ladlords/sellers are seeking
  • what we can do to enhance the attractiveness of your property to prospective tenants and buyers (as commercial property managers, we can even recommend the best tradespeople and manage any works)

We’ll also take into account your personal motivations and budget constraints before outlining your various marketing options, but we will work with you to create and execute a cost-effective and tailored marketing campaign to obtain you the best financial return.

What makes Melbourne Commercial different to other commercial real estate agents?

Whilst our name is fairly generic, the services that we provide are not. Our Managing Director (David Gill) started his career as a commercial estate agent back in the late 1990’s with his family’s firm, and then as an agent and auctioneer at CBRE – a global commercial estate agency. Whilst this was a great grounding for David, it was backed up with the completion of a property degree, and 9 years working as a Development Manager for some of Melbourne’s most active and professional property development firms: Salta, Frasers Property (then known as Australand), and Pellicano Group. This experience as a commercial property development manager gives David uncommon expertise from a ‘client-side’ perspective which he is able to use to benefits his client’s today.

If you’re looking for a commercial real estate agent that will get you a quick and profitable outcome, contact Melbourne Commercial today.

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